Dosing Optimization


Due to continuously rising temperatures and extended retention times of wastewater in pressurized pipelines, hydrogen sulfide forms, which can lead to problems related to odor, corrosion, and workplace safety.

To counteract this issue, various local and global process engineering solutions are conceivable. These include air treatment and chemical dosing.

The challenge lies in identifying the appropriate treatment methods for wastewater or air and determining the required plant configurations for these processes.


The UNITECHNICS test mobiles were developed to provide operators of wastewater treatment plants with the opportunity to test various measures for odor and corrosion prevention over a defined period.

The cost-effective test runs help determine the most economically viable solution for odor and biogenic corrosion prevention in each individual application. The UNITECHNICS test mobile can be used for mobile dosing trials, compressed air scouring, or multi-stage air treatment. All relevant data is recorded and analyzed using state-of-the-art measurement methods. Through intelligent control and regulation technology, changes and adjustments can be made via remote maintenance in no time.

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