Wastewater-Talk Schedule

Wastewater-Talk International Exchange is scheduled monthly on the first working Thursday at 10:00 CET. The virtual meeting is held over MS TEAMS and lasts for 1 hour. Reminders and updates of the episodes will be sent via email after registration.

The agenda of each episode generally follows as below:
  • Greetings and round introduction of participants
  • Group sharing of the episode topic
  • Discussion round
03.11.2021 Wastewater-Talk Ep. 01 – Rat Control in Drainage Systems

In this episode, we focus on the topic RAT CONTROL IN DRAINAGE SYSTEMS:

 - what biocidal products are generally used in rat control?

 - environmental risks from using anticoagulant rodenticides?

 - procedure & problems of rat control in sewers?

 - application of waterproof baiting station - rat ball by UNITECHNICS

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02.12.2021 Wastewater-Talk Ep. 02 – Drainage System Inspection
13.01.2022 Wastewater-Talk Ep. 03 – Extraneous Water Prevention
03.02.2022 Wastewater-Talk Ep. 04 – Indirect Discharger Investigation
03.03.2022 Wastewater-Talk Ep. 05 – Live Flow Monitoring in Drainage Systems
07.04.2022 Wastewater-Talk Ep. 06 – Exhaust Air Treatment in Wastewater Management
05.05.2022 Wastewater-Talk Ep. 07 – Sulfide Balance in Drainage Systems
02.06.2022 Wastewater-Talk Ep. 08 – Special episode: IFAT 2022 IN MUNICH
07.07.2022 Wastewater-Talk Ep. 09 – How Is Odor Formed in Our Sewers?
04.08.2022 Wastewater-Talk Ep. 10 – Fun with Manhole Covers! (1)
01.09.2022 Wastewater-Talk Ep. 11 – Fun with Manhole Covers! (2)
06.10.2022 Wastewater-Talk Ep. 12 – Fatberg Elimination and Wipes Treatment in Sewers
03.11.2022 Wastewater-Talk Ep. 13 – Outlook of Futural Sewer Inspection Technologies
01.12.2022 Wastewater-Talk Ep. 14 – Keeping up with the WWTP Operator in Germany
02.02.2023 Wastewater-Talk Ep. 16 – Recycling of Phosphorus out of the liquid sludge (liquid phase)


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